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Managing the Parking Lot

How can modern techniques help us manage our parking?

More efficient parking management can allow:

  • Maximize capacity

  • Remove unauthorized people

  • Source of income

  • Security

  • Better protect the community in case of accident

Implementation issues to avoid

Any parking solution must be light, flexible and progressive.

A solution with phases seems to me the best:

  • TEST phase,

  • CONTROL phase to learn and correct, and only afterwards, if income outweighs additional costs

  • PAID parking solution


  • Initial investment amount has to be FREE or LOW

  • Workload to place and control must be LOW

  • The solution must respect the law = you cannot impose SUPPLEMENTARY EXPENSES on the owners according to the type of occupant of your apartment

  • The solution should not require a SURVEILLANCE or SURVEILLANCE 24 hours

Progressive development of parking with online registration and QR code

I imagine a solution in 3 steps.

At each step we learned and corrected our objectives:

  1. Phase I of TEST = only to IDENTIFY apartment <-> car

  2. Phase II of CONTROLA = to avoid people outside the community = with application devices

  3. Phase III INCOME = as city parking, paying by the hour (in summer) => Coupon/discount for resident owners

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