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Pool opening dates and amenities

Let's not keep "covid standards" indefinitely!

We are seeing more and more guests and owners occupying our beautiful community, outside of summer months. Having one pool open from 1 april to 30 november would be a great advantage for anyone using the property, and will allow owners who rent to get a premium price for 6 months of the year. Sunbeds were kept away during the worst of the pandemic, but now, there seems to be no reason they should not be out. Other properties such as the one across the street had their sunbeds out all year. Pool restrooms were closed, this is also a great inconvenience, these should be re-opened asap.

Along the same lines: The community lobby is a great resource for occupying owners and renting owners alike. There is no reason it should be closed at 4pm anymore. Let's please go back to standard opening hours for all of our amenities.

Vote thumbs up if you agree.

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