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Romana Playa Community


Welcome, Visitors to our community!  Please respect these rules:

Trash Disposal 

Collection points are in the street, outside the gates!

Please never leave trash bags in the hallway, in the gardens, or in the community waste baskets!

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Common Courtesy

No loud behaviour on the terrace

Do not put trash bags in community bins
Do not leave trash in the hallways

Do not hang towels or laundry over the railings

No music or loud behaviour at the pools
Do not reserve sun chairs with towels
No dangerous, obnoxious or indecent behaviour



Finding a parking space IS NOT GUARANTEED.

There are no dedicated spaces in this community!
If the parking is full, please park outside the gates.

Each apartment may use ONE space
Indicate the apartment number, inside the car

Unauthorised cars will be sanctioned
Only park in designated spaces




910 pool bloque 6.jpg

No loud behaviour
No ball games

No floating mattresses

Respect the life guard

No music or loud behaviour in gardens or pool area




Only the occupants of the apartment may enter the community

Do not share the entry code with people from outside

Do not allow guests to invite visitors from outside



Who Are We

No se Admiten Mascotas

Small Terrier

Animals are forbidden by our community statutes.
If you bring a pet against the community rules:

Your reservation can be cancelled


Inside the apartment

Do not hang towels on the balconies

No loud behaviour, your neighbors can hear you

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