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Rental Guidelines

Updated: May 25, 2023

Quality Community = Quality Renters = Better Lifestyle and Investment, for everyone!

Many people from all countries love to come to Romana Playa for their holidays. Our property increases in value, due to this popularity! At the same time, living together can sometimes be difficult. Nothing is worse than seeing an invasive group of people arrive at the apartment next to you, late on Friday night, making noise inside and out, and generally being inconsiderate in the community areas. Believe there are many things we can do to make sure owners who rent, and their guests, respect everyone in the community. It is possible - even on Booking, Airbnb and VRBO, to filter your guests and select those that are are high quality, respectful, quiet, and mostly problem-free. The reason is : quality of the offer, screening, communication, legislation, and sanctions. If you have bought a property for rental, in 2021, as an investment, please share your experience and ideas with us. Your renters -and future buyers of your investment property - will not want inconsiderate people around them. If our community has good rules, and maintains them, the property will keep it's high standing and good reputation. Your renters will come back year after year!

Here are some proposals of measures we should take, to ensure to good relationship between owners who rent, owners who do not rent, and renters who are guests in our property.


Since several years, every person who rents any property in Spain has a number of requirements and rules to respect. As a responsible community we should require all owners who list their properties on Airbnb, Vrbo, any internet renting platform, or with a property manager or realtor, to respect the legal requirements: - obtain a VFT permit - as such, declare a responsible person who is reachable for all renal related problems and issues - declare trimestrial Spanish taxes - obtain a userid and password from the Police to record all arrivals - record a "parte de viajero", signed and verified, for every arrival in their apartment.

Romana Playa Community should require every homeowner renting on internet platforms, to comply with these requirements. This means, all renters should be met on arrival, IDs verified, and this is the perfect occasion to tell them that our community has strict rules, if not respected, could mean termination of rental contract. Owners who publish on major rental platforms should be required to reassure their neighbors, that they are obtaining ID's of all guests and sending the information to the police, as required by law.

The responsibility starts with.... the OWNER.

Often we hear criticism of "renters". These people are on holiday and it is normal they want to relax! Maybe the come from different countries, live in different kind of houses, and do not even think about our community rules. The first step is to responsibilize the OWNER on how he manages his property, screens his renters, and informs them before their arrival. Many people complain about renter behaviour... But how were they screened? What were they told? Did they meet the owner or an over-busy. property manager who didn't care much about the community or them? On every platform and in every situation, the owner can decide what kind of renter they will accept. No groups of young friends. No principal renter under 25. Quiet couples and families only. Maximum capacity. No pets. Sanction of cancelling the rental contract if neighbor complaints. All of this requires spending time on the rental platform to understand the parameters. All of this is immediately available publicly to neighbors, if we look up on the popular platforms the properties of our neighbors. It's not enough to have rules, you must make sure the renter understands them. This takes work and communication. If you delegate everything to a realtor or property manager it might be harder to ensure this communication is done effectively. Finally you need sanctions - termination of contract if complaints arise. For that, you need transparency: owners who rent should provide their VFT rental contract number to the administrator, and the personal telephone number and email (of the responsible person indicated on the VFT permit) - so that any neighbor can contact them day or night in case of a renter disturbance.

The renter should be made aware of the rules 3 ways

When they arrive in our community, renters should be made aware of the rules. It's not enough to just attach a paper version to their rental contract. Multiple steps must be taken to let people know this community has strict rules. Starting from the first contact/reservation, this should be mentioned verbally to the renter. The listing/advertisement of the property should be filled in and very clear. The rules should be pointed out on arrival and attached to the rental contract. The rules should be posted or distributed inside the apartment. Any misbehaviour should result in the VFT permit holder being contacted by email through the community.

Transparency for neighbours and community

Owners who rent should be required to provide their VFT permit number and personal contact information; Direct neighbours should be given a contact number to call day and night in case of disturbance. Logically, this would be the number of the TITULAR on the VFT permit. Owners should have a set of guidelines of things to put in their listing / realtor / property manager: No renting to groups of young friends, quiet families and couples only, no parties, no gatherings, no inviting people from outside the community to the pool or apartment, etc etc. Neighbors should be able to verify that all of these indications are present in the advertisements for rentals in our community.


Owners who implement these policies will see, the quality of their renters will increase. They will have less damage, less complaints, less difficulties and abuse. The community will gain a reputation for a tranquil family environment which will increase the value of our property over time. It requires work and communication on the owners side, but in my experience the result is worth it. Transparency, communication, and sanctions are good for the community, good for those of us that live here, and good for investment-property owners as well.


What are your thoughts?

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